Below is  a listing of provided services. Please note that all prices are subject to change based on length of hair, additional time and/or product use.
All services are a la carte unless otherwise noted

Cutting Services:

  • Cut/Blow-dry ………..$45+
  • Blowout……… $40+
  • Clipper/Barber Cuts………. $25+
  • Wiffle/Buzzcut……….  $20
  • Beards and Facial Hair Grooming…….. $5-10
  • Children’s Clipper Cut………. $25
  • Children’s Cut/Blow-dry/Style……. $35+

Color Services:

  • Single Color Process (roots to end)……… $105+ Time: 2 hrs
  • Root Touch Up……… $90+ Time: 1.5hrs
  • Corrective Color…… $100/hr & requires consultation
  • Alternative/Fashion Colors… requires consultation (please read our blog here about fashion colors before booking)

Highlight/Lowlight Services:

Pricing will vary in either direction based on amount of time and product used.
  • *Partial Foil Highlight……….$135 -/+ Time: 2 hrs
  • *Half Head Foil Highlight….. $180 -/+ Time: 2.5-3 hrs
  • *Full Foil Highlight………..$220 -/+ Time: 3.5 hrs
  • *Balayage (open air)…………$220-300 -/+ Time: 3-4 hrs
  • Root Color and Partial Foil Highlight……. $150 -/+ Time: 2.5 hrs
  • Root Color and Half Head Highlight…… $200 -/+ Time: 3-3.5hrs
  • Root Color and Full Highlight…. $250 -/+ Time: 3-4 hrs

*See “definitions & hair terminology” blog for breakdown of pricing of highlights.*

Specialty Services:

* See “definitions & hair terminology” blog

All Services come with a haircut and blowdry unless otherwise noted

  • *Keratin Treatment…….. $200 – $400 (includes haircut) Time: 2-3 hrs
  • Get Pure Anti-Aging Hair Detox & Blow out……. $50 (haircut not included) Time: 1 hr
  • Perm…… $100 – $150 Time: 2-2.5 hrs

Conditioning Treatments:

All treatments are stand alone services and include a blowout. Haircut not included.

$45 (unless otherwise noted)


Add to any service for an extra $15

  • Hydrate Treatment – Moisturizing Treatment for Dry, Dehydrated, Damaged Hair. Hydrate Treatment is a nutrient rich deep conditioner containing Safflower and Argan Oil for luxurious softness, and Keratin Amino Acids to help strengthen the hair.  Perfect for someone who needs a little pick me up to their hair game
  • Keratin Amino Intense RepairA deep-penetrating conditioning treatment that restores and revives even the most extremely damaged hair. Special ingredients allow continued reconstruction at a molecular level so there is more than just cosmetic effect. This is amazing for hair that has seen one too many highlighting services and needs some extra love.
  • Anti-Frizz Intense Moisture MaskThis deep conditioning mask that provides unruly hair maximum frizz control, conditioning, and smoothness, making hair more manageable in minutes. Perfect for curly or coarse hair!
  • Shine TreatmentRecharges fading colors and supercharges highlights. A unique alcohol-free blend of the most natural and the purest organic silicones. This makes it a lightweight and non-greasy alternative for great-looking colored hair on the go.
  • Get Pure Anti-Aging Hair Detox with Deep Conditioning Treatment and Blow out – A deep detoxifying treatment that nearly 100% removes all types of hair build up, including metallic deposits such as copper and iron that are left behind from our water supply. Removes build up and deposits without removing hair color and the essential fatty acids and nutrients needed to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Failure to remove such deposits could affect the performance of products used on a daily basis. Shampoos and conditioners will not work to their full ability and styling and finishing products may not live up to their claims. This service is a game changer for anyone who is frustrated with their bad hair days! Reset your hair to “factory settings” with a GET PURE treatment today! Stand alone: $55 Add to another service: $20

Other Services:

  • Eyebrow Waxing……… $15
  • Lip Waxing………$10
  • Lip/eyebrow combo….. $20
  • Special Occasion Styles………$75+

*+ All prices vary upon consultation due to individual hair needs

*+ Chemical services may vary in price based on product demands due to hair texture and length.

*+ Hair longer than 18” and/or having a ponytail diameter greater than 1½” will fall on the higher range of pricing.

**All services are guaranteed ONLY with use of at home products that have been approved by stylist**.